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Copywriting Basics
You may or may not know what copywriting is so let's clarify some basics, since copywriting can be a vast umbrella term including many specific facets of the internet writing genre. Copywriting, or trying to get your company's words on your website can be stressful and daunting. This is a stress that can be avoided by letting us do the copywriting for you. We create the best combination of experience, written skills, and innovation possible for your company's every need.

Why Hire a Copywriting Service Provider?

Asking yourself why should you hire someone to write about your company for you? It does sound bit backwards at first. However, hiring a professional copywriter not only saves your sanity but also allowing you to focus on other aspects of your company. When it comes to ensuring success for your company, you always want to the most knowledgeable person possible to accomplish the task to assure it is properly executed. Why would you change your success plan when it comes to the written needs of your company?

While there are 100 more reasons that could be given to explain how hiring a professional copywriting service is the best route, we do not want to waste your time with a list of reasons. Contact us about Copywriting with questions or inquiries so we can begin helping you with your goals and dreams for true SEO Copywriting. (You can also view our SEO Copywriting Portfolio by request.) Do not waste anymore time debating whether you should or shouldn't, "Just Do It." (Didn't Nike have great copywriting services for that slogan?)

In broadness, copywriting is written advertisement. In detail, that written advertisement can vary from headlines and slogans to brochures and websites with the objective of making a sale or persuading the reader/consumer to do something. We primarily focuse on website SEO copywriting, but does not limit its abilities and ranges to strictly websites. Copywriting, infused with thoroughly executed SEO, can be the most effective marketing and advertisement in which your company can and should invest.

Quality Copywriting Features

Here are some other reasons that will help you confidently choose to allow a professional to manage your written needs:

A professional copywriting service will accurately and professionally produce a high caliber of copy based on the brief(s) you provide.

You are in complete control based on the brief you provide. This can be relaxed allowing Indigo Creations more freedom or can be more detailed focusing on every minute detail that you feel needs to be covered.

All quotes are based on the brief provided so a price is known upfront. Generally, the price never changes unless the brief changes.

Hiring a professional allows you to spend time and energy in other areas of your company to further your success.

A professional copywriter creates written copy for your company in an unbiased manner as the copywriter is not tied in anyway to your company and can provide the best viewpoint.

When hiring a professional, you're hiring outside of the company on a contract basis. This is not someone you have to put on the payroll permanently minimizing costs for your company.

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